Letter to WCBA Members - Judicial Poll 2018

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Dear Waukesha County Bar Member:


As you may be aware, we had a concern with the results of our judicial poll leading into the April 3, 2018 judicial election. As a result, we elected not to publish them as had been our past tradition.


Following that decision, we have continued to investigate in attempts to determine what happened. This investigation involved many hours by board members reviewing and requesting information, as well as communicating with individuals and entities outside of the bar association. However, despite our best efforts, sufficient information does not exist to determine exactly where the concerning responses came from or who submitted them.


We want to make clear that we are not accusing any individual or candidate of impropriety. We have also discussed this issue at great length during our board meetings and will not be releasing additional information out of concern that it could be used to ascertain the voting preferences and opinions of individual members, and also to avoid any unfair accusations.


We have heard from a number of members that the poll is important and worth keeping for future elections. As a board, we are considering ways to improve the online platform or a return to paper ballots.


As always, we appreciate your questions, comments, and ideas. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


Very truly yours


Waukesha County Board Association

Board of Directors